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Press Release | 2009-025

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Press Release # 025
Friday, July 17, 2009


No Indication of Related Terrorist Threat to New York City; NYPD Has Increased Counterterrorism Patrols at Sensitive Locations in Immediate Aftermath of Attacks

NYPD Intelligence Liaison in Jakarta Briefed NYC Security Directors Friday
NYPD AUDIO:  Listen to Lt. Daly's briefing here.

“There's no information of a similar threat to New York, but it's our standard practice now to take such precautions and to brief security directors in New York of what we learn” Police Commissioner Raymond W. Kelly said Friday morning following two synchronized bomb attacks at the Ritz Carlton and J.W. Marriott Hotels in Jakarta.

Within 30 minutes of the attacks, scores of marked NYPD “critical response vehicles” - police cars and officers deployed by the department's Counterterrorism Bureau - were assigned to Marriott, Ritz Carlton and dozens of other hotels in New York.

NYPD Intelligence Lieutenant John Daly, an 18-year veteran of the Department, arrived in Jakarta at approximately 6:30 a.m. ET Friday from Singapore, where he is stationed as one of the Department's overseas liaisons. On a teleconference convened this afternoon by the NYPD Counterterrorism Division for members of its SHIELD program for hotel and other corporate security directors, Lt. Daly provided an overview of the most recent suicide bomb attacks. He is working with local authorities in Jakarta and has been provided a workspace by police there.

Approximately 60 security directors for New York hotels, theaters and financial institutions participated in the teleconference inside the NYPD Lower Manhattan Security Coordination Center, which included power-point presentations and video of the Marriott bombing showing a suicide bomber entering the hotel with a roller bag and a backpack across his chest. The video captures the bomber avoiding the hotel's metal detectors and heading towards its ground-level restaurant, where the bomb was detonated. The video also captures security personnel near the metal detector alerting to the bombers presence. As of Friday, eight people had been killed and approximately 50 were injured, many severely.

Through its overseas liaison program, the NYPD Intelligence Division maintains working relationships with 11 international law enforcement agencies in Tel Aviv, Amman, Jordan; Toronto, Montreal, Paris, Lyon, France; Madrid, Abu Dhabi, London, Singapore and Santo Domingo in the Dominican Republic. NYPD Intelligence personnel work jointly with the Department's Counterterrorism Bureau to deploy resources as local and global conditions warrant.

PHOTOS from the scene in Jakarta


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