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Press Release | NO. 2004-047

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Press Release # 047
Wednesday, April 22, 2004

New York City Police Commissioner Raymond W. Kelly Announces The Arrest Of Four Individuals For Selling Narcotics In The Walt Whitman Houses In Brooklyn

New York City Police Commissioner Raymond W. Kelly today announced the arrest of four individuals resulting from the takedown of key members of a drug dealing organization operating in the Walt Whitman Houses in Fort Greene, Brooklyn. Two additional subjects in this case are already in federal custody on unrelated charges. This marks the culmination of a 12-month investigation during which undercover detectives purchased numerous bags of crack. The arrests are the product of a joint investigation conducted by the 88th Precinct Detective Squad, SAT COM Narcotics Operations and the Federal Bureau of Investigation. The gang grossed approximately $480,000 a year from crack sales.

Police Commissioner Kelly said: “The boldness of this gang is staggering. They have no consideration for the lives of citizens, the police, their clientele or each other. The brave officers on this case performed brilliantly in a high-pressure situation. I commend all the investigators from the various agencies for their work in bringing these criminals to justice.”

This investigation began on April 30, 2003 when patrol officers from the 88th Precinct observed an individual randomly firing a gun on the grounds of the Walt Whitman Houses. The officers identified themselves to the individual. In response, the man pointed his weapon at them. One of the officers discharged his weapon striking the individual who ultimately expired from a gun shot wound.

Within a few hours, the Emergency Services Unit arrived to investigate the scene of the shooting. While ESU collected ballistic evidence, gun shots rang out and struck ESU Truck 8 at least three times. The Department subsequently initiated a second investigation.

The two investigations established that the fatally shot individual belonged to a drug dealing organization that operated in the Whitman Housing Development. Further investigation revealed the structure of the organization and its members. Additionally, the detectives learned that the shots fired at the ESU truck were in retaliation for the man who was shot and killed. Police also identified bullets from three different weapons fired on the ESU truck.

As investigators learned the gang’s make-up and practices, undercover officers from
SAT COM Narcotics Operations infiltrated the group and began making purchases of crack cocaine. Over the course of the investigation, undercover officers made 22 buys from 7 different members of the gang.

All of the arrested individuals face federal charges. The investigation is ongoing and more arrests are expected.

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