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Wednesday October 27, 2004

The New York City Police Department issues the following reminders to bicyclists in the five boroughs:

* It is illegal to ride a bicycle in a procession on the public streets within New York City if a permit for the procession has not been issued by the New York City Police Department.

* Bicyclists are subject to the same rules of the road applicable to motor vehicles, including: obedience to all official governmental signs, signal markings, and other devices erected for the purpose of regulating, warning
or guiding traffic.

* Bicyclists may not ride on sidewalks, expressways, drives, highways, interstate routes, bridges, tunnels and thruways.

* Bicyclists must ride in usable bicycle lanes or near the curb or the edge of the roadway, and not ride more than two abreast.

* Bicyclists may not impede pedestrian or vehicular traffic. Intentionally impeding governmental and emergency vehicles is a serious offense.

* Violators of the foregoing are subject to arrest and bicycle seizure.

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