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Press Release | NO. 2004-008

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Press Release # 008
Thursday, January 22, 2004

New York City Police Commissioner Raymond W. Kelly Announces The Arrest Of Andre Shobey For Murder With Other Charges Pending

New York City Police Commissioner Raymond W. Kelly today announced the arrest of Andre Shobey for murder and criminal possession of a weapon with multiple other charges pending. Shobey, who was on parole after serving 18 years in prison for rape and robbery, is also a registered high-risk sex offender.

Commissioner Kelly said: "A one man crime spree, which spanned three boroughs, was brought to an end last night with the arrest of Andre Shobey for murder and criminal possession of a weapon. This arrest is the direct result of cohesive police team work which included members of the 103 Detective Squad, the Queens Homicide Squad, the Bronx Homicide Squad, the 42 Detective Squad, the 48 Detective Squad, the 7 Detective Squad, the Manhattan Special Victims Squad, the Bronx Robbery Squad, Queens Robbery Squad and the Housing Bureau."

Shobey's spree began yesterday morning when he attempted to force his way, at gunpoint, into a Bronx woman's apartment. He was unsuccessful and the woman called 911. Shobey fled to a nearby apartment building and attempted another forced entry into the apartment of a second woman. She refused and tried to get the attention of a male neighbor in the hallway. Seeing this, Shobey opened fire, grazing the head of the female and missing the male neighbor.

Shobey fled the Bronx to an apartment in Queens occupied by an acquaintance, Terrance Neal. From the apartment, Shobey spotted someone on the street that he had a grudge with. His intent was to go outside and stab him. When Neal attempted to stop him, Shobey slashed his throat and stabbed him in the chest, killing him. Once again Shobey fled, leaving behind a four-year-old autistic girl who Neal had been watching. When the little girl's caretaker arrived, she discovered Neal's body and called 911.

Shobey arrived at the apartment of his niece in Manhattan at approximately 8:45 p.m. There he encountered a fifteen-year-old girl who he forced at gunpoint to the rooftop landing. Shobey proceeded to sexually assault and rob her.

From the initial incident in the Bronx, detectives in various commands pieced together their leads and information. This included video stills from cameras at the housing projects in the Bronx and lower Manhattan. Thanks to tenacious police work, Shobey was arrested as he left the niece's apartment. When apprehended, Shobey was armed with a .32 caliber revolver that is believed to be the same weapon used in the Bronx shooting. A consensual search of the niece's apartment uncovered a folding knife and a bloody denim jacket. Additional charges against Shobey are expected.

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