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Press Release | NO. 2002-110

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Press Release # 110
Monday, October 7, 2002

The New York City Police Department Announces Overall Crime In All City Schools Is Down By More Than 14% For The Year, And Down By More Than 46% In The 10 Highest-Crime Schools

The New York City Police Department today announced that overall crime in all city schools is down by 14.7% for year. The overall crime index is measured by the incidence of six major crime categories: assault, robbery, rape, burglary, grand larceny, and homicide.

In addition, the schools with the highest incidence of crime have experienced more than three times the drop in crime that others have. In many cases, these schools have seen overall crime cut by more than 50%. On average, overall crime in the city's 10 highest-crime schools has plummeted by an average of more than 46% for the year.

The following list shows the amount crime has dropped since last year in the 10 highest-crime schools across the city:

Crime Incidents
School YTD '02 YTD '01 % Change
Bayside, Queens 10 28 -64.3
John Adams, Queens 13 29 -55.1
Harry S. Truman, The Bronx 13 28 -53.6
South Shore, Brooklyn 11 23 -52.2
Prospect Heights, Brooklyn 11 23 -52.2
John Dewey, Brooklyn 11 20 -45.0
Samuel J. Tilden, Brooklyn 14 24 -41.7
Hillcrest, Queens 18 28 -35.7
Erasmus Hall, Brooklyn 15 22 -31.8
William C. Bryant, Queens 13 19 -31.6

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