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Response to Raza Lawsuit

In a September 10, 2013 letter to Magistrate Judge Joan M. Azrack, New York City detailed some of the facts underpinning the police activity that affected the six plaintiffs who are suing the city alleging that the NYPD engaged in unlawful religious profiling. The letter demonstrates that NYPD conduct was based on indications of unlawful activity, not on religion.

Letter from Senior Counsel Peter Farrell, NYC Law Department

Response to Handschu Motion

New York City recently filed detailed declarations that respond to a variety of false allegations that the NYPD Intelligence Division investigates Muslims solely because of their religion and otherwise violates guidelines set by the Court in the long-running Handschu case. These declarations, which are presented here, demonstrate that the NYPD faithfully complies with the Handschu guidelines. These declarations establish that the NYPD Intelligence Division performs its essential function of protecting New York City without compromising the fundamental constitutional freedoms of its citizens.

Defendant's Brief in Opposition to the Motion

Declaration of Assistant Chief Thomas Galati, NYPD Intelligence Division, with Exhibit A

Declaration of Detective Stephen Hoban, NYPD Intelligence Division

Declaration of Brian Michael Jenkins

Decision on FOIL Request

On May 6, 2013, New York State Supreme Court Justice Alexander Hunter ruled in favor of the NYPD in response to a lawsuit filed by two civil liberties organizations seeking the release of Intelligence Division records. Driven by false allegations and misleading descriptions of the Intelligence Division's programs in the press, the Asian American Legal Defense and Education Fund and Muslim Advocates sought to acquire documents that would endanger sources and undermine investigations were their content made public. Justice Hunter found the NYPD had met its obligations under New York State's Freedom of Information Law and that its denial of the groups' request was entirely justified.

Decision and Judgment of Justice Hunter