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9/11 Resources Website for Members of the Service and Their Families


World Trade Center Medical Questionnaire

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New Retiree Lounge at Headquarters

A new retiree lounge has been established in order to improve the pensioning and terminal leave process and also as a way of thanking uniformed members of the service for their years of dedicated service and commitment to the community they serve.

Located on the fifth floor of 1 Police Plaza the new retiree lounge includes as a sitting area with a small kitchen, sofa tables and a flat screen television; there is a separate area for photographing retiring members as well. The kitchen includes a coffee machine, refrigerator for drinks, snacks and cookies, and an array of magazines including Spring 3100.

Finest Health

The Department and the Police Foundation have developed Finest Health a confidential website to increase awareness and provide information about personal health and fitness. Finest Health's primary goal is to assist NYPD employees and their families in obtaining and accessing the resources they need to stay physically and mentally healthy.

Link: Finest Health Website

NYPD Equipment Section

Hundreds of articles of clothing and pieces of equipment, illustrated by photographs, are available on the site, including jackets, shirts, trousers, holsters and insignia. Firearms, batons and handcuffs are excluded.

Purchases may be made by credit card, and the site includes "shopping cart" and other standard features of internet commerce. All purchases include FREE SHIPPING.

"This new service will make it more convenient for Department Personnel to acquire equipment without having to travel to Police Headquarters, regardless of where they live or where they are assigned."--Police Commissioner Raymond W. Kelly


Employee Assistance Unit

The Employee Assistance Unit is staffed by both uniform and civilian peer counselors who are more than capable of providing you with the necessary assistance to see you through your time of need. The Unit’s staff has had extensive training in a variety of employee assistance matters, thus enabling them to handle basic issues and complex problems, whether work related or of a personal nature.

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Employee Relations Section

The mission of the Employee Relations Section is to address the hardships and grievances of the members of this department and to assist them in resolving "people problems". We are always ready to assist you.