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Frequently Asked Questions | Crime Prevention and Information

How long do I have to wait before I report someone missing?

There are several ways you can report someone missing depending upon the circumstances. For example, if you become separated from a child in a crowd, you can notify a police officer or call 911. In non emergency cases you may wish to visit your local police precinct. It is helpful if you can provide a recent picture of the missing person and a description of what the individual was wearing when last seen.

How do I check on the status on a missing person?

Call the Missing Persons Squad at 646 610-6914.

How do I check on a case handled by detectives?

Call the assigned detective. If you are unable to reach that person after several attempts and he or she does not return your call, ask to speak to the squad supervisor.

What are some tips for riding the subway more safely?

Remember that when you're on the platform, the safest place to wait is behind the yellow line, away from the edge. And it just makes sense to...
  • Be careful not to display money in public.
  • Hold on to your pocketbook when using the shoulder strap.
  • Keep your wallet out of sight and never put your wallet in your rear pocket.
  • Be sure your necklaces and other jewelry are not visible.
  • Do not doze or fall asleep on the train.
  • Beware of loud arguments or noisy incidents. They could be staged to distract you in order to pick your pocket.
How do I get from here to there on the NYC subway system?

You can find information under the "Crime Prevention" section of this site.

I was issued a transit adjudication bureau summons for violating a Subway rules. What do I do?

If you have any questions regarding a Transit Adjudication Bureau Notice of Violation (or "TAB summons") that you received for violating a subway rule, you may contact the Transit Adjudication Bureau via phone (347-643-5805) during normal busines hours or in writing at the below address. For the best service, please have your summons available when speaking to a TAB representative.

Transit Adjudication Bureau
PO Box 02-9133
Brooklyn, NY 11202-9133

You may appear in person between the hours of 8AM and 2:30PM to request a hearing or have your questions answered at:

Transit Adjudication Bureau
29 Gallatin Place, 3rd Floor,
Brooklyn, NY 11201

What can I do for an immediate noise problem?

If it's not a Police emergency, please call your local precinct to report the complaint.

What can I do for an on going illegal noise complaint?

You can report the complaint to the N.Y.C. Department of Environmental Protection at (718)337-4357.

May I park at a broken, jammed, or defective meter?

If the meter is broken, jammed or defective, you may park at that location for a maximum of one hour regardless of the time limit indicated on the sign. If the meter is missing, you may park at the location for the time limit indicated on the sign. For example, if the sign says (2 hour parking), you may not stay longer than two hours just because the meter is missing.

Can I park my car once the sanitation sweeper cleans the street?

No, regulations prohibiting parking are in effect during the full period listed

How far must I park from the fire hydrant in New York City?

The NYC traffic rules state that all vehicles parked within NYC must be at least fifteen (15) feet from a fire hydrant.