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The Early Intervention Unit strictly adheres to rules of CONFIDENTIALITY, protecting the privacy of anyone who reaches out to us.

Procedurally, there are 2 events that EIU peer counselors cannot keep confidential:


  1. A person poses a clear and present danger to him or herself, or others.
  2. He or she has committed, confessed to, or revealed details of a serious crime.

When any one of the above revelations is made to an EIU peer counselor, he or she must make the appropriate notifications.

Some important things to note:

  • EIU peer counselors do not take notes of any kind during or after a “one-on-one” consultation that is voluntarily initiated by a member of the service.
  • If the member of the service is on duty at the time of the consultation, a record is maintained only to verify the MOS’s whereabouts.  Details of the interview are NOT recorded.
  • Current federal and state Laws do not protect the confidentiality of any EAP (Employee Assistance Program) contact as it does for mental health professionals, lawyers, or clergy. 

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