New York City Police Department

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City Wide Crime Statistics

City Wide Crime Statistics Weekly

City of New York Department of Correction Crime Statistics

New York City Housing Authority Crime Statistics Weekly

New York City Park Crime Statistics First Quarter 2015

New York City Park Crime Statistics Fourth Quarter 2014

New York City Park Crime Statistics Third Quarter 2014

Historical New York City Crime Data

Borough and Precinct Crime Statistics

Manhattan South Manhattan North
1st Precinct 19th Precinct
5th Precinct 20th Precinct
6th Precinct Central Park Precinct
7th Precinct 23rd Precinct
9th Precinct 24th Precinct
10th Precinct 25th Precinct
13th Precinct 26th Precinct
Midtown South Precinct 28th Precinct
17th Precinct 30th Precinct
Midtown North Precinct 32nd Precinct
33rd Precinct
34th Precinct

Brooklyn South Brooklyn North
60th Precinct 73rd Precinct
61st Precinct 75th Precinct
62nd Precinct 77th Precinct
63rd Precinct 79th Precinct
66th Precinct 81st Precinct
67th Precinct 83rd Precinct
68th Precinct 84th Precinct
69th Precinct 88th Precinct
70th Precinct 90th Precinct
71st Precinct 94th Precinct
72nd Precinct
76th Precinct
78th Precinct

Queens South Queens North
100th Precinct 104th Precinct
101st Precinct 108th Precinct
102nd Precinct 109th Precinct
103rd Precinct 110th Precinct
105th Precinct 111th Precinct
106th Precinct 112th Precinct
107th Precinct 114th Precinct
113th Precinct 115th Precinct

Bronx Staten Island
40th Precinct 120th Precinct
41st Precinct 121st Precinct
42nd Precinct 122nd Precinct
43rd Precinct 123rd Precinct
44th Precinct
45th Precinct
46th Precinct
47th Precinct
48th Precinct
49th Precinct
50th Precinct
52nd Precinct

Historical New York City Crime Data