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Crime Prevention Division History

In 1969, a new approach in fighting crime in the New York City came about as a result of a grant from the Vera Institute of Justice. The basic premise of the project was that certain common characteristics made locations or businesses within New York City more likely targets of crime. The Premise Protection Squad evolved from that project. As a sub unit within the Detective Division's Safe, Loft and Truck Squad, the unit was staffed with personnel who had some background, education, or experience in the field of physical security.

In the latter part of 1971 the original project was deemed to be a success by then Police Commissioner, Patrick Murphy and Chief of Detectives, Albert Seedman. This opinion was based specifically on the response of the business and public sectors that were making use of the specially trained personnel. Today the unit has expanded its areas of expertise and services and is still acclaimed as a positive approach to crime reduction.

In 1972, the original Premise Protection Squad became the Crime Prevention Squad, under the Chief of Detectives. The Crime Prevention Squad's personnel were selected from Detective Bureau assignments based on their strong investigative backgrounds and physical security experience. The same standards were utilized in selecting the precinct crime prevention officers. The precinct officers were chosen from the patrol force based on a set of specific criteria, some of which were: imagination and initiative, familiarity with investigations of various crimes, integrity, broad written and oral communication skills, and a strong educational background.

Over the course of the next six years (1972-1978) the Crime Prevention Squad became the Crime Prevention Section. During this same period, the Section was transferred from the Office of the Chief of Detectives to the Special Operations Division; shortly thereafter, to the Chief of Patrol; and then to the Office of the Deputy Commissioner of Community Affairs. On July 5, 2001, the Office of the Deputy Commissioner of Community Affairs was reorganized. As a result, the Crime Prevention Section was placed under the aegis of the Chief of Department.  On August 3, 2006, the Crime Prevention Section was placed under the organization of Community Affairs Bureau.

The Crime Prevention Division is comprised of four sub-units; the Borough Liaison Team, the Training Team, the Security Team and the Special Projects Team. The Crime Prevention Division accomplishes its mission through its dedicated and knowledgeable staff.  To learn more about what the Crime Prevention Division has to offer, visit our Crime Prevention Division page.