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New York City Crime Map

Crime data is provided in map format for the, “seven major NYS Penal Law felonies” (Murder and Non-Negligent Manslaughter, Rape, Robbery, Felonious Assault, Burglary, Grand Larceny and Grand Larceny Motor Vehicle. Attempted crimes are recorded as that crime with the exception of Attempted Murder which is recorded as a Felonious Assault.) A crime map can be presented cumulatively year to date, previous year cumulative and by any specific month in either period. The opening and default map views are of the most recent full month count of all seven major crimes.

Crime reports have been aggregated to the intersection or street segment. Crimes are symbolically represented by shaded precinct geography when viewed zoomed out and by graduated points or a heat map shading when zoomed in. All seven major crimes can be included in the map view or any individual crime within the seven major crimes may be included in the map view. Count data is provided for crimes, population and rate per 1000 population by using a mouse click while hovering above a precinct. Count data includes all crime recorded for that precinct. Some crime reports (approx. 3%) will not contain enough information to be geo-coded and therefore cannot be mapped but are included in precinct counts, rates and shading. Care should be taken in interpreting crime counts and rates in the central business districts of each borough as well as parks and beaches (see the statistical and technical notes). The map may be searched by specific address or cross streets, a specific precinct or a specific zip code. Individual graduated points can be examined by a mouse click which will provide access to the statistics represented by the graduated point. Point scaling and heat map density will change as the map view changes. Bar charts for all precincts using data selected for the specific map view are also available when the user selects a specific precinct.

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