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Engineering Security | Protective Design for High Risk Buildings


In the post September 11th world, securing New York City from the global threat of terrorism has become an urgent priority. Accordingly, New Yorkers should think strategically and practically about the physical security of their buildings, and devise effective solutions that are attractive to security-conscious occupants.

To this end, the New York City Police Department has worked with real estate developers, architects, and engineers to better secure New York City’s great buildings. This partnership complements the extensive work already undertaken by the NYPD to heighten counterterrorism patrol strength, enhance site-security evaluation, and expand worldwide intelligence collection and analysis.

Engineering Security is a product of these ongoing collaborative efforts. The recommendations presented in this document are informed by the broad experience of the NYPD’s infrastructure protection team as well as the expertise of some of the leading minds in engineering and building design. The NYPD encourages anyone planning to build in New York City to carefully review and consider these recommendations and to direct questions concerning their integration with structural planning and design to the Police Department's Counterterrorism Bureau.

The constant pace of building in New York City is a testament to the public’s great confidence in the City’s future and its overall security. Still, we must remain vigilant and take precautions to protect that which we have worked hard to achieve. The same qualities that make the City's buildings recognized icons of design, culture, and commerce also make them continuous targets of terrorism. Although we cannot provide the same level of protection for every building in the City, working together we can implement effective, common sense security standards that will protect the lives and livelihoods of millions of New Yorkers and visitors. Thank you for your contributions to this crucial endeavor.

Raymond W. Kelly
Police Commissioner

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