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Engineering Security | Protective Design for High Risk Buildings


Dear Friends:

New York's ever-evolving skyline speaks volumes about our City's economic vitality and growth – and our vision. With its soaring towers and expansive glass walls, it is a deep source of pride for our entire nation, while symbolizing perfectly how New Yorkers are constantly looking to the future.

In keeping with our City's tradition of forward-thinking change, our Administration has put long-term planning at the center of all our efforts for economic development, environmental protection, and – most importantly – safety and security. An important component of these efforts is Engineering Security, the NewYork City Police Department's program to help those in the business of building make their mark on our City's skyline in a way that is both creative and safe.

We understand that the threat of terrorism will remain a serious concern for the foreseeable future – and we continue to do everything possible to prevent another attack and mitigate the harmful effects one might cause. At the same time, we know that enhanced security does not need to come at the expense of aesthetic appeal, functionality, and environmental sustainability. While developers must incorporate design features that will protect the structures they create, Engineering Security provides sensible guidelines for balancing the important need for security and the realities of urban development.

Engineering Security is the result of a collaboration led by the NYPD that includes suggestions from the FDNY, the Department of Buildings, and the Department of City Planning, as well as insights from professional associations representing New York City's engineers, architects, and developers.

New Yorkers take great pride in having rebounded stronger than ever from the attacks of September 11, 2001. Engineering Security represents the next step forward, serving as a guide for our partners in the development community as they make the long-term investments that are so critical to our City's future. 

Michael R. Bloomberg

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