New York City Police Department

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Engineering Security | Protective Design for High Risk Buildings
City of New York
Bill de Blasio

New York City Police Department
William J. Bratton
Police Commissioner

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Executive Summary PDF, 64 KB HTML
Preface PDF, 108 KB HTML
Foreword PDF, 81 KB HTML
Acknowledgements PDF, 73 KB HTML
List of Figures and Boxes PDF, 644 KB HTML
List of Acronyms PDF, 881 KB HTML
Introduction PDF, 683 KB HTML
Chapter One: The Threat to Buildings from Explosive Devices PDF, 230 KB HTML
Chapter Two: The NYPD Risk-Tiering System PDF, 216 KB HTML
Chapter Three: Guidelines on Perimeter Security PDF, 180 KB HTML
Chapter Four: Guidelines on Building Design PDF, 286 KB HTML
Chapter Five: Guidelines on Access Control, Screening & Monitoring PDF, 177 KB HTML
Chapter Six: Guidelines on Emergency Preparedness PDF, 92 KB HTML
Chapter Seven: Guidelines on Air Handling & Air Monitoring Systems PDF, 163 KB HTML
Conclusion PDF, 120 KB HTML
Appendix A: Calculating a Building's Risk Tier PDF, 134 KB HTML
Appendix B: New York City Building Code & NIST Recommendations PDF, 104 KB HTML
Endnotes PDF, 78 KB HTML