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Summer Youth Employment Program FAQ's

When will the SYEP applications be available?
SYEP applications will be available in mid-April.

How do I qualify for SYEP?
To be eligible for SYEP, you must be at least 14 years old but not over 24 years old as of the first day the program.  You must also permanently reside within the five boroughs of New York City.

Do I have to pay any fees to apply or work for SYEP?
No.  DYCD does not require a fee for applying to SYEP.  SYEP providers, Worksites, or any other parties are not allowed to charge a fee for participation in SYEP.  To apply for SYEP, you only need to submit a completed application either online or in person to an authorized SYEP provider.  If selected for the program, you will need to submit further documentation to verify the information on your application.  You will be responsible for obtaining and providing these documents at that point (see the list of required documents).  During the summer, you may be responsible for your own transportation to and from work as well as your own meals.  These are the only out-of-pocket costs that you should incur while working for SYEP.

How do I apply for SYEP? 
Complete the application online HERE.  You can also download and print a copy of the application, complete and return it to a community-based SYEP provider. 

Where can I obtain an SYEP application? 
To obtain an application, you can do any one of the following:

  • Visit the DYCD website HERE to download and print out a copy;
  • Review the list of authorized SYEP providers on the DYCD website ( and visit any of these providers to obtain an application

 DYCD cannot mail applications to you, nor do we accept applications by mail. 

Where do I submit my SYEP application? 
You must submit your application to an authorized SYEP provider. The list of these providers is attached to the application or you can visit the DYCD website ( to obtain the list of SYEP providers. 
Fill out the application online HERE.  Then submit it electronically to the SYEP provider of your choice.  Review the list of required documents and have them ready (see Required Documents Checklist).  You do not have to submit any required documents to the SYEP provider until you have been selected for a job. 

What is an SYEP provider? 
SYEP is run by community-based organizations that are authorized to operate the program.  They provide application intake and enrollment, job placements and process the payroll for the SYEP participants that are part of their program.  They are the only organizations to which you may submit your SYEP application.  When you apply for SYEP, you will have the opportunity to select the SYEP provider that you would like to work for.  You can view a list of community-based SYEP providers on this website. 

When is the deadline to submit a complete SYEP application? 
The deadline to submit a complete SYEP application to an authorized SYEP provider is in May. 

When will SYEP start? 
SYEP is a seven week program that will begin the first week in July.

Can I submit more than one SYEP application?  Does it increase my chances to be selected for a job?
No, only the first application submitted will be accepted.

Will I receive a receipt confirming that I have submitted an SYEP application?
Yes.  If you are submitting an online application, you will be given an opportunity to print out a receipt and the completed application.  If you are submitting an application by hand to an authorized SYEP provider, you should also receive a receipt for the submission of your application.

How will SYEP applicants be selected? 
DYCD will conduct a lottery of complete applications to determine whether applicants are offered a job.

How does the lottery work? 
Applicants submitting a complete application to an authorized SYEP provider are placed into a pool for potential selection.  The SYEP computer system will randomly select complete applications for enrollment into SYEP.

 How will I know if I am selected to participate in SYEP? 
he authorized SYEP provider where you submitted your application will contact you if you have been selected through the lottery.  
To be notified, it is necessary that you provide your correct contact information (address, telephone number, email address).  The SYEP provider will also have a list of participants that are selected for a job at their intake site.

How can I check on the status of my SYEP application?
Visit the DYCD website ( and follow the instructions, or contact the authorized SYEP provider where you submitted your application.

Do I need working papers? 
Yes. If you are selected for an SYEP position and you are under the age of 18 (as of July 1st), you must submit your most current working paper. Working papers can be obtained through any New York City Public High School or Regional Office. If you are currently not attending school, visit your local New York City Public High School or Department of Education Regional Office or call 311.  For a list of schools and regional offices and their contact information, please visit

Besides an SYEP application and Working Papers what other documentation is required? 
If you are selected for an SYEP position, you will need to also provide copies of documents that will verify the information that you have provided on your application.  You can download a list of required documents from the SYEP website.  To find the list, you can go back to the ‘SYEP Documents’ menu to access it. 
Note that if you are a male, 18 years or older at the time of enrollment, you must provide proof of Selective Service registration.  To register or obtain proof of registration, you can visit the Selective Service website at 

How much does SYEP pay? 
SYEP participants will earn the New York State minimum wage of $8.00 per hour and may work up to 25 hours per week.

How will I be paid? 
SYEP participants are paid every two weeks directly through a debit card payroll processing system.  Please review the SYEP Debit Card instructions that are included in your debit card packet.  You can also visit our website at (under Summer Youth Employment Program) for more information and instructions on how to access your summer pay.

What will my work week consist of? 
Your summer job hours will consist of a combination of instructional and work hours. The actual work schedule will be developed and provided by the worksite to which you are assigned. 

Can I work on weekends? 
Work on weekends is permitted but it is up to your SYEP provider and the worksite.  Your total hours for SYEP cannot exceed 25 hours per week.

Can I work overtime? 
No. SYEP cannot pay for overtime.  If you are asked by the worksite to work overtime, you must inform your SYEP provider.

Can I attend summer school and also participate in SYEP? 
Yes. However, this is up to your SYEP provider and whether they can arrange a schedule that accommodates both work and school.

What type of summer jobs are available?
The SYEP provider will determine the range of placement possibilities. SYEP has traditionally offered jobs as clerical, hospital, camp, cultural and custodial aides in government and non profit agencies. The SYEP providers may also provide jobs in private, for-profit companies in a variety of industries.

Does SYEP offer jobs outside of New York City? 
Yes, as long as the SYEP provider that you are enrolled with has out-of-city worksite placements.  The most common job available through the Out-of City SYEP is an assistant camp counselor at a day or sleep away camp.  If you are placed in a worksite outside of New York City, you will be asked to provide guardian/parental consent.