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Work Experience Program

What is the Work Experience Program?

The Work Experience Program (WEP) is a program of the Family Independence Administration section of the Human Resources Administration, designed to place employable Public Assistance recipients into work experience assignments in sponsoring New York City agencies in exchange for receiving social service benefits. The basis for this program is to impart Public Assistance recipients with the valuable work experience necessary to attain gainful employment, while providing a public service. Through performing a work experience assignment, participants of this program are afforded a first hand opportunity to experience a professional work environment and receive the encouragement necessary to place them on the road to achieving economic independence.

How are Work Experience Program Clients selected?

Work Experience Program clients are referred to the New York City Police Department by the Human Resources Administration with pre-determined job titles of Custodial and Clerical Assistant. All Work Experience Program clients undergo criminal background inquiries. Clients who have been deemed suitable for assignment are then placed in a participating command that is located within their borough of residence or the command closest to their childcare provider or school district.

Why Participate in the Work Experience Program?

The Work Experience Program is a beneficial program that provides participating Department facilities with supplemental clerical and custodial assistance. Participating in the Work Experience Program also helps to foster better police-community relations because it allows non members of the service to gain insight into the human service aspect of police work as well as demonstrates to the client the many advantages of seeking employment with the New York City Police Department. The ultimate goal of this program is to convert social service clients into gainfully employed citizens of New York City and what better way to recruit potential members of the service than by setting a good example of what we have to offer!

Employment Opportunities available for Work Experience Program clients

As per Human Resources Administration policies, clients of the Work Experience Program must be given due consideration for employment positions within each sponsoring agency, therefore clients assigned to the New York City Police Department are afforded with many employment opportunities within the Department. However all applicants must have the qualifications required by each respective position and they must undergo all requisite Applicant Processing procedures.

For clients of the Work Experience Program wishing to participate in the New York City Police Department's Work Experience Program, please be advised that agency assignments are made upon the discretion of the Human Resources Administration.