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2012 NYPD Reasonable Suspicion Stops Report

  • For the second year, the Department has released an annual snapshot of Stop Question and Frisk reports for each precinct in a Report entitled “Reasonable Suspicion Stops: Precinct-Based Comparison by Stop and Suspect Description,” linked below.
  • In 2012 the NYPD conducted about 536,000 stops; with roughly 19,800 officers on patrol, this equates to less than one stop per officer per week.

  • The Reasonable Suspicion Stops Report provides the percentage and number of known Persons Stopped, Census Population, Suspects for All Crimes, and Suspects for Violent Crimes broken down by four races - Asian, Black, Hispanic, and White for each of the 76 police precincts in New York City.
  • In each of the 76 police precincts, the race of those stopped highly correlates to the suspect description in the precinct regardless of the population demography for that precinct.
    • For example, in the 68th Precinct in Brooklyn, 53.4% of the violent crime suspects were white and whites constituted 61% of the persons stopped.
    • Similarly, in the 75th Precinct, also in Brooklyn, 78% of the violent suspects were black and 75% of those stopped were black.

  • According to the RAND Corporation’s “Analysis of Racial Disparities in the New York Police Department’s Stop, Question, and Frisk Practices”, the most widely used, but least reliable, benchmark is the residential census. Census benchmarks do not account for differential rates of crime participation by race or for differential exposure to the police. Comparisons to the residential census are simply not suitable for assessing racial bias.
  • However, RAND also indicated that crime-suspect descriptions provide a good measure of the rates of participation in certain types of crimes by race. Accordingly, that measure is better than the census population.
  • Additionally, the Reasonable Suspicion Stops Report illustrates other activity occurring within the given precinct which can further put the amount of stops conducted in perspective.

 2012 Department activity citywide:

  • 4,107,144 Radio Runs
  • 497,323 Total Crime Complaints
  • 873,528 Arrests and Criminal Court Summons Issued
  • 532,911 Reasonable Suspicion Stops 

Click here to download the 2012 NYPD Reasonable Suspicion Stops Report

2012 Reasonable Suspicion Stops Report

This Report complements the NYPD’s twice yearly Crime and Enforcement Report