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Rate Reports

NYC Rate Reports


The New York City Water Board has prepared this information booklet to acquaint the public with its rate and billing policy and regulatory proposals for Fiscal Year 2017 and with the financial condition of the water and wastewater system and its budget for the upcoming year.


FY2019 NYC Rate Report (PDF)

NYC Rate Report Archive

FY2017 NYC Rate Report (PDF)

FY2016 NYC Rate Report (PDF)

FY2015 NYC Rate Report (PDF)

FY2014 NYC Rate Report (PDF)

FY2013 NYC Rate Report (PDF)

FY2012 NYC Rate Report (PDF)

FY2011 NYC Rate Report (PDF)

FY2010 NYC Rate Report (PDF)

Upstate Rate Reports

The Upstate Rate Report summarizes the cost of providing water supply service to upstate communities and presents the proposed regulated rate to recover the cost of service in each respective fiscal year.

FY2017 Upstate Rate Proposal (PDF)

FY2017 Upstate Rate Report (PDF)

FY2016 Upstate Rate Report (PDF)

FY2015 Upstate Rate Report (PDF)

FY2014 Upstate Rate Report (PDF)

FY2013 Upstate Rate Report (PDF)

FY2012 Upstate Rate Report (PDF)

Addendum to FY2012 Upstate Rate Report (PDF)

FY2011 Upstate Rate Report (PDF)

FY2010 Upstate Rate Report (PDF)

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