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Wooden Pallets and Crates

Here are some ways to cut down on the amount of wooden pallets and crates entering the waste stream:

  • Return pallets and crates to vendors for reuse. Specify in contracts that vendors must accept the return of the same number of pallets and crates as delivered.
  • If you generate large quantities of pallets, you may wish to manage them through an in-house tracking, repair, and reuse system.
  • Set up an exchange program with other organizations that need pallets and crates. Use NYC WasteMatch leaving NYCWasteLess or other materials exchange services to help find an organization. City Agencies can only exchange items with other City Agencies.
  • Join a pallet leasing program. Pallets are marked to identify them as part of the leasing program, and must be returned to their original source after use.
  • Consider whether or not stretch wrap is necessary on pallet loads. Strapping may work as well, and it generates less waste. Discuss this option with your vendor.
  • If you continue to use stretch wrap, identify a vendor that will accept plastic film for recycling. You will need to bale or compact the waste plastic film to vendor specifications.

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