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motor oil

Workplace Motor Oil

Follow these tips to reduce motor oil waste:

  • Reduce the number of oil changes by extending the preventive maintenance schedule. This can lead to reductions in purchasing, waste management, and labor costs.
  • Check for and repair any oil leaks in vehicle engines that would cause excess use of motor oil.
  • Consider switching from petroleum-based to synthetic motor oil. While more expensive than petroleum-based lubricating oil, synthetic motor oil offers longer intervals (up to 25,000 miles) between oil changes without compromising engine life. Other advantages include superior temperature resistance, better low-temperature performance, and a lower oil-consumption rate. Go to the motor oil measurement tool to see how you could benefit from making this switch.
  • Install a central bulk-fluid storage system that delivers oils and grease to individual bays. This can reduce product spills, product costs, quart container disposal and cleanup costs, and allows for better tracking of fluid use.
  • Collect used oil for recycling. Collect all used oil in a separate, well-marked container and arrange for periodic pick-up by a used oil recycler. The oil can be recycled into re-refined lubricating oils that meet the same standards as virgin motor oil. Or, it can be reprocessed and used in furnaces for heat, or in power plants to generate electricity.
  • Buy re-refined oil for your next oil change. You can achieve the same level of performance from a re-refined oil product as you can from virgin oil. The NYC Department of Sanitation uses re-refined oil in all of its vehicles, including passenger cars, garbage trucks, and snowplows. Before buying a re-refined oil product, check to see that it has the API Service Symbol, which identifies the performance level, viscosity, and energy-conserving properties.

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