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Waste Prevention in the Restaurant Sector

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industry profile
waste prevention tips for restaurants


Industry profile

Restaurants contribute significantly to New York City’s identity and economy. According to the New York State Department of Laborleaving NYCWasteLess there are approximately 198,000 people working in some 20,000 food-service operations in the City. With the exceptions of California, Texas, Florida, Pennsylvania, Illinois, and Ohio New York City has more restaurants than any other state.

New York City restaurants draw millions of tourists, generate billions of dollars in sales every year, and make up one of the fastest growing economic sectors in the City.

The NYC Department of Sanitation’s New York City Waste Composition Study (1990) states that restaurants account for almost 30 percent of the total quantity of commercial waste generated in the City each year. Paper and food waste represent the bulk of waste generated by restaurants.

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Waste prevention tips for restaurants

Whether you are running a fast-food or a full-service restaurant, the unlimited variety of dining options in New York City makes competition intense. Finding ways to compete and increase profit margins without adversely affecting your customers’ overall dining experience is critical to the survival of all restaurants.

A key component to increasing profit margins involves practicing waste prevention. Through periodic reviews of everyday work practices and a little resourcefulness, restaurateurs can find ways to cut purchasing, waste disposal, and utility costs, without having an adverse impact on food quality, presentation, or service.

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