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Product Packaging at the Workplace

Product and distribution packaging make up more than 50 percent of most businesses’ waste stream. Although both types of packaging serve a purpose — protecting the product from damage during delivery and making the product ready for display upon delivery — the cost to manage, recycle, and/or dispose of these by-products can be excessive. Look at the money-saving tips below to see how you can reuse or reduce the amount of packaging coming into your business.

Talk to your vendors about tailoring the packaging of merchandise to meet your storage or display needs. Require vendors to eliminate non-essential hangers, plastic bags, cardboard sleeves and inserts, tissue, pins, etc. Why pay for the labor to remove secondary packaging that will end up being discarded anyway?

Consider selling small items in open or bulk bins.

Reuse incoming packaging (such as foam peanuts, paperboard, paper stuffing, and corrugated cardboard boxes) for outgoing shipments, internal deliveries, or storing supplies.

Recycle what cannot be reused. All NYC businesses are required to recycle. Go to recycling in the private sector to learn more.  Find products and services that accept non-mandated materials, including pallets and plastics.

Check out local materials exchanges for opportunities to sell or donate large quantities of unwanted but reusable items.

manufacturing for info on distribution packaging  

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