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The next time your business decides to upgrade computers or replace the carpeting, consider a possible money-saving alternative — leasing.

Leasing lets you avoid the costs and hassles of providing ongoing maintenance, repairs, or technological upgrades as the product ages or breaks down.

When the lease agreement ends, the leasing company, not your business, is responsible for dealing with how the equipment will be reused or disposed of.

Leasing also benefits the environment because it extends the useful life of many products that would normally be discarded. Most leasing companies strip equipment for reusable parts, or refurbish the used item so that it can be re-leased, or donated to a nonprofit organization.

Examples of typical office items that can be leased include:

  • Electronic equipment (photocopiers, fax machines, computers, computer software, printers, audio and video equipment). Leasing rather than buying lets you upgrade at minimal cost as technology improves. Make sure to consider energy efficiency when choosing your models.
  • Furnishings (furniture and carpeting). Leasing furniture has been an option for years, but modular carpet leasing is a relatively new money-saving option being offered by companies like Milliken and Interface, Inc.

Leasing opportunities also exist for other items, such as heavy machinery, appliances, tools, protective clothing and gear, uniforms, and chemicals. Check with your vendors for more information.

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