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Energy Efficiency & Motors

Energy costs can take a big bite out of your operating budget. Save energy by improving motor efficiency. Motors that don’t work optimally can adversely affect operating costs and production schedules. Try the following to improve motor efficiency:

Establish a regular preventive maintenance schedule for all heavily used equipment. Pressure vacuum and/or clean motors with rags and brushes to reduce build-up. Check for adequate lubrication and inspect drive belts.

Install filters in larger, enclosed motors to minimize corrosion and dust. Corrosion and dust can contaminate lubricants, causing increased friction that can lead to premature bearing failure.

To prevent overfilling, follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for grease. Excessive grease can enter the seal, damage winding insulation, and lead to a short circuit.

Cover grease gun nozzles when not in use, to keep out dust and other foreign matter.

Check motor alignment following installation; incorporate periodic alignment checks into preventive maintenance schedules. Misalignment of the motor and driver machine’s shafts causes vibrations, reduces work output, and increases energy usage.

Replace older motors with premium-efficiency motors. Premium-efficiency motors contain thinner, high-quality steel laminations in the rotor and additional copper in the windings. They also have improved power factors over standard motors. Higher initial costs are offset by increased operating efficiency and decreased energy usage.

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