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Bar and Beverage Service

vending machines


Reduce waste when purchasing supplies for serving beverages. Choose what would work best for your operation, based upon your daily volume of customers, available space, and style of service.

  • Replace bottled and canned soft drinks and beers with fountain or draft drinks. This will eliminate the need to store, and then recycle or redeem bottles and cans.
  • Use reusable canisters for fountain beverages instead of bag-in-box systems to reduce the quantity of material needing disposal.
  • Collect metal, glass and plastic containers and cartons for recycling. If you provide them, you must recycle them. If your customers clear their own tables, you are required to have recycling receptacles available.
  • Regularly clean beverage-dispenser heads, and check syrup-to-water calibration to ensure that you are providing a consistent quality of beverage.
  • Buy mixes in concentrate and other beverages in bulk, if space permits. This will save money and reduce packaging waste. Products purchased in bulk are often sold at a discount.
  • Replace cocktail napkins with permanent coasters.
  • Replace disposable paper coffee filters with reusable metal or nylon filters.

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