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Toner Cartridges

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There are various ways to prevent used toner cartridge from becoming waste. Consider these suggestions:

  • Printing only when necessary will extend the life of the toner cartridge. Evaluate each print job to determine if the document needs to be printed. Often you can review a document on the screen, simply email it to the end user, or make only one copy instead of printing many.
  • Obtain cartridges from the Department of Citywide Administrative Services, Office of Surplus Activities (DCAS/OSA). Look on OSA's Online Relinquishment System (ORS) for unused (still packaged) cartridges. For more information, visit Reuse it at NYC Agencies.
  • Consider buying refurbished cartridges when you need to replace your toner cartridges. Refurbished toner cartridges cost 30 to 50 percent less than new cartridges, and tests indicate that remanufactured cartridges produce more copies at a lower price per copy. To see the costs savings of using remanufactured toner cartridges, visit our toner cartridge measurement tool.
  • Most toner cartridge recyclers disassemble, inspect, clean, and repair the cartridge before filling it with new toner and selling it as a remanufactured brand.
  • Many City Agencies contract with a toner cartridge service that collects used cartridges and provides refurbished cartridges at considerable cost savings. When choosing a supplier, ask to see the results of their quality testing.
  • Return used toner cartridges for refurbishing. Most major toner cartridge manufacturers supply information within the product packaging about how to return cartridges. Many provide mailing labels and packing materials. Alternatively, you can send your empty toner cartridges to a charity for refurbishing or recycling to help raise funds for their organizations.
  • Relinquish unused (still packaged) toner cartridges to OSA for transfer offering to City agencies and/or sale offering. For more information, visit Reuse it at NYC Agencies.
  • Recycle empty copy machine toner bottles. Many copy machines use bottled toner, instead of cartridges to hold the toner. When empty, these bottles can often be recycled with other plastic bottles. Manufacturer and retailer take-back programs do not accept these bottles, as they do not have enough parts to be used for refurbishment.

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