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Coordinating Recycling and Waste Prevention in Multi-Tenant Commercial Facilities  

Helping your tenants to reduce and recycle waste effectively can lower utility and waste management costs. Here are three ways that managers can better coordinate these efforts:

1. Set an example and provide assistance.

While opportunities for waste prevention may vary among tenants, property managers of multi-tenant facilities can set an example by initiating and publicizing programs for waste prevention, recyclingenergy efficiencysurplus inventory management, and water conservation.

Provide information and “how to” guidance through periodic tenant meetings.

2. Incorporate recycling and waste prevention requirements into tenant contracts or lease agreements.

Whether you manage an office building, shopping center, convention center, or stadium, include requirements for recycling and waste prevention into your tenants’ contracts. Here are some examples:

  • Require all tenants to comply with building or venue recycling programs.

3. Charge tenants for the actual amounts of waste they create.  

If space permits, provide disposal containers or areas for each tenant, and charge tenants for actual amounts discarded rather than a flat rate. When tenants realize how much they spend on waste removal, they may be more inclined to incorporate waste prevention and recycling into their everyday activities. See NYC Business Disposal Guidelines for more info.

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