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back to Calculate your Workplace SavingsDuplex Copying Instead of Single-Sided Copying at a Business

Save your company money by encouraging duplex copying. Making duplex copies instead of single-sided copies reduces the amount of paper discarded and can lower your company's paper-purchasing costs. You can reinforce duplex copying by setting default options on printers and copiers to the duplex mode.

Instructions for Using the Measurement Tool

The worksheet below is a simple cost-analysis tool where you can plug in your business's costs and variables to determine how much money you can save by replacing single-sided copying with duplex copying. The current costs and variables presented in the worksheet represent default assumptions for calculation purposes only. If the information varies for your business, simply enter the correct information in the appropriate field.

After completing the worksheet, click on "Calculate the savings!" to see the cost savings of duplex copying. (Note: If you make subsequent changes to the worksheet, click on "Calculate the savings!" again to recalculate.)



Number of cartons of paper purchased (per year)1

Cost per carton of paper

Percentage estimate of paper discarded or recycled (out of total paper purchased)

Waste disposal or recycling costs (per cubic yard)2

  1. Assumes that a carton of paper contains 10 reams and weighs 50 pounds.
  2. According to the Business Integrity Commission, the maximum allowable limit a carter can charge a NYC business for disposal of loose waste is $15.89 per cubic yard. The costs to recycle paper vary greatly, but are usually less than disposal costs and in some instances generate revenue. Recycling prices depend on quantities generated, business location, and paper quality. See paper in products and services for vendor information.

calculate the savings
start over

Results: Annual totals and savings


Purchasing costs

Waste disposal or recycling costs1


Total savings due to switching to duplex copying2

Amount of waste prevented (in pounds)2

  1. Assumes that 350 pounds of paper equals one cubic yard.
  2. Assumes that duplex copying reduces paper use and disposal/recycling costs by 30 percent.

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