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durable items

Purchase Durable or Long-Lasting Items

Think about all of the products that you buy, use once or for a brief time, and then throw away. You can replace many single-use products with durable items that can be reused. If you add up the cost of replacing disposables over time, you may find that in the long term, durable products not only reduce waste, but actually cost less. You’ll be doing the right thing for the environment and for your wallet.



Consider using rechargeable batteries, rather than throwing away hundreds of disposable batteries. Depending on its use, a rechargeable battery can replace as many as 300 disposable batteries. Look for appliances with rechargeable battery packs. And remember, at the end of their useful life, rechargeable batteries must be recycled. Bring them to a store that sells rechargeable batteries, or products containing rechargeable batteries, to recycle them at no cost. See batteries for more information on rechargeable batteries or rechargeable battery law: info for consumers for information on recycling your rechargeable batteries.

Eliminate plastic and paper lunch bags. Send your kids to school with a reusable lunch bag or box. Add a refillable cup or thermos. You can use one, too, to bring your lunch to work.

Use durable kitchenware designed for reuse. You can wash and reuse durable plates and cups again and again, rather than purchasing new paper plates and cups for each event. Use washable, reusable sponges, dishcloths, and napkins. If you must use disposable paper products, such as paper towels and napkins, choose products made with recycled content.

For food storage, use reusable glass or plastic storage containers instead of plastic wrap or aluminum foil.

Replace disposable paper coffee filters with a reusable metal or cloth coffee filter. The next time you purchase a coffee maker, consider purchasing one with a built-in filter.

Choose a rechargeable electric razor or a reusable razor with replacement heads, instead of disposable razors that last only a few uses. For information about how to sharpen dull razor blades, see products and services.

Replace incandescent light bulbs with compact fluorescent lamps. A fluorescent light lasts ten times longer than an incandescent bulb and uses less energy, too. See lighting in shopping tips for more information.

Find specific info on purchasing the following durable items:


Durable items are easily reused. Visit reuse it nyc or check the library or search the internet for reuse ideas. 

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