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Reduce Shopping Extras

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Many New Yorkers love the convenience of having food delivered or stopping at a take-out restaurant to pick up dinner. Here are some tips to reduce the “extras” associated with take-out food:

Say “no, thanks” to the “extras” (paper napkins, plastic cutlery, straws, condiment packets, etc.) often provided with take-out meals. The restaurant owner will save money, and you’ll have less waste to manage.

Say “no bag, thanks” if you don’t need a bag for your morning coffee. Better yet, bring your own mug, and you won't spill your coffee, need a bag, or even a cup.

If you have “extras,” use them in lunches you take to work or school, or save them for your next picnic or road trip.

Remember to recycle paper, metal, glass, plastic & cartons, including paper bags, unused paper plates, plastic cutlery, and aluminum foil. Plastic bags can be also be recycled at retailers throughout NYC.

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