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Creating Less Waste During Home Improvements


If your home improvements projects require replacing doors, windows, cabinets, floor covering, plumbing, or lighting fixtures, check out NYC Stuff Exchange leaving NYCWasteLess for places to donate, give away, or sell your unwanted items, or to purchase used goods.

Deteriorating lead paint and lead dust created by renovation projects in buildings constructed before 1960 are the primary sources of lead poisoning in children. Requirements for lead abatement are strictly governed by the NYC Department of Health Code section 173.14. For more info, see lead poisoning prevention program leaving NYCWasteLess run by the NYC Department of Health and helpful links about paint.

Preventing waste during home improvements can range from using less-toxic strippers and low-VOC paint to installing new energy-efficient appliances. Browse through our tips for your home and shopping tips to find other opportunities to reduce waste.

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