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Take-Back Info for Businesses: Sharps


items that must be accepted
legal requirements
how to comply 

sharps take-back info for consumers 

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Items That Must Be Accepted 

• discarded unused sharps
• hypodermic, intravenous, or other medical needles
• pasteur pipettes, scalpel blades, or blood vials

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Legal Requirements 

Applicable Law:

NY State Sharps Collection Law
Law: NY State PBH, Article 13, Title 13 Regulations: 10 NYCRR subpart 70

Businesses Affected:

All NY hospitals and nursing homes.

Pharmacies and other service providers who provide sharps may also participate through the Expanded Syringe Access Program (ESAP).

Additional Info:

Visit the NYS Department of Health leaving NYCWasteLess for info about the law as well as the ESAP program leaving NYCWasteLess.

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How To Comply


Accept properly contained sharps from residents in a convenient but secure location.


Educate consumers on proper containers and storage.


Train responsible staff on the proper handling of sharps and what to do in the event of spillage.


Ensure secure transfer and disposal of sharps.

5.Provide public information about the program. This can take the form of brochures, press releases, or television and radio spots.6.
6.Signs can be posted directing consumers toward collection points. For information about free images and signs visit business take-back signs.

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