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Reuse Tips for Electronics


When upgrading your products, you may be able to donate your old equipment. If your equipment is in good working condition, and it's not too old, you can try donating it, selling it or trading it in. 

To donate your electronic equipment locally, visit NYC Stuff Exchange leaving NYCWasteLess. New York City Stuff Exchange is an online resource developed by the NYC Department of Sanitation for NYC residents looking to donate, buy or sell used items. You can also try contacting a national charity.

Please note that while your equipment may be functional, some organizations may not accept it. The problem behind the resale of used electronics is that of quality and demand. Since the functionality of electronics evolves so rapidly in today's marketplace, electronic equipment over a certain age is not only undesirable, but also becomes outdated quickly and hard to repair. If not accepted for reuse, recycle your e-waste.

Some manufacturer and retailer take-back programs have a reuse component in addition to their recycling services. Visit the manufacturer and retailer take-back programs page to learn more about what manufacturers and retailers offer.

Another option worth considering is trading your items in for cash, points, discounts, or coupons using a computer online reuse and materials exchanges. Because electronics can be repaired and resold, used for parts, or recycled to recover valuable metals, these programs are willing to offer you benefits for turning in your items to them. 

If you do not find a reuse outlet for your electronics, or if your electronics are too old or damaged to donate, recycle them responsibly.

For general reuse tips, visit reuse it nyc.

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