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Reuse Tips for Clothing and Linens


Many organizations throughout NYC accept donations of used clothing. Visit the NYC Stuff Exchange leaving NYCWasteLess to find a place to sell or donate gently used clothing and linens.

Bring your clothing to a clothing swap.

Put your items up for grabs, or sell them, on an online materials exchange.

Clothing and linens that can no longer be worn as is can be used in your home as rags, or brought to animal shelters to use for bedding and bathing the animals (especially towels).

Some retailers and manufacturers take back certain types of clothing, such as sneakers and fleece sweaters, for recycling. Go to take-back programs for a list of manufacturers or retailers that accept clothing for recycling.

Request a re-fashioNYC clothing donation bin for your building. Through this program, New Yorkers can take waste reduction to a new level by keeping as much as tens of thousands of perfectly good clothing, linens, shoes, and accessories out of landfills every year.

(Note: some commercial textile recyclers solicit used clothing & linens through drop-boxes and collection drives. They resell your used goods for profit and recycle the remainder, giving a token share to charity. Your "donations" are not tax-deductible, but at least your items are removed from the waste stream. For more information about drop-boxes see NYC Textile Collection Bin Laws.)

For general reuse tips, visit reuse it nyc.

If your items are too worn, dirty, or damaged to be reused or recycled, they can be placed in the regular trash.

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