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agency transfers
relinquishment procedures
nyc public school relinquishment
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Agency Transfers

Agencies relinquishing property that they no longer need will often make these items available for inter-agency transfer at no cost. Agencies should regularly check the Department of Citywide Administrative Services, Office of Surplus Activities leaving NYCWasteLess (DCAS/OSA) website for available surplus inventory. These items are available on a "first come, first served" basis.

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Relinquishment Procedures

City agency surplus property is to be relinquished to the Department of Citywide Administrative Services, Office of Surplus Activities (DCAS/OSA) through your agency's relinquishment officer.

OSA will determine the appropriate disposition for each item listed. Possible dispositions include: Transfer to Another Agency, Sale from Agency Location, Move to Warehouse, Scrap, or a Destroy Order.

When a Destroy Order is issued, this means that DCAS/OSA has determined that the item has no transfer or sale value to the City. The agency can then explore donation options if the item is in good enough condition for a reuse organization.

For more information, NYC employees should visit the Division of Municipal Supply Services (DMSS) leaving NYCWasteLess home page, as well as DMSS' surplus activity guides, schedules, and contacts leaving NYCWasteLess and forms leaving NYCWasteLess (available only to NYC employees through the NYC extranet).

Unless donated or resold for reuse, all agencies and institutions must recycle electronics. For information about how to dispose of used computer equipment, visit electronics recycling info for City agencies and schools.

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NYC Public School Relinquishment

NYC Department of Education schools must follow guidelines for how to dispose of obsolete equipment and furniture described in the DOE Division of Financial Operations Inventory Standard Operating Procedures

As an alternative to disposal, Principals can post an offer on the DOE intranet for other schools to take used equipment in good condition. Whatever doesn’t get picked up by other schools, the school may donate or offer to the public on their website before disposal.

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Donate Surplus Materials

To donateusable furniture and equipment, agencies can utilize NYC WasteMatch leaving NYCWasteLess, a citywide reusable materials exchange program, which is implemented with the City University of New York. NYC WasteMatch helps businesses save money by providing a brokering service for industrial by-products, packaging, and other items that are potentially reusable, but for which there are not well-established recycling markets.

Another donation option worth considering is donating usable office furniture and equipment to Materials for the Arts leaving NYCWasteLess for redistribution to NYC schools and nonprofit arts and cultural organizations. Materials for the Arts receives funding from three NYC Departments: Cultural Affairs, Education, and Sanitation. Check out products and services for donations outlets for specialty items.

The NYC Stuff Exchange website also lists organizations that accept donations of surplus items.

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