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Info for Universities


Recycling Info
Every building in NYC is required by law to recycle. Requirements are different depending on whether your site receives DSNY collection or is serviced by a private carter.
what to recycle
recycling at agencies & institutions
promotional materials
site visit request

Disposal Guidelines
Check the State and Federal regulations for nonprofits and businesses regarding which items require special handling, and can't go in the trash.
disposal guidelines

Waste Prevention Tips
Incorporating waste prevention in everyday decisions and long-term planning can reduce waste and save money.
waste prevention at work
tips for your agency: virtual workplace tour
calculate your savings

Reuse it NYC
Info on how to donate, sell, or receive usable furniture and equipment.
go to reuse it nyc

Resources for Researchers
what's in nyc's waste
what happens to recyclables
reports and statistics
quizzes and tools

Get Listed & Get Stuff
Find out how to get listed on NYCWasteLess. Learn about getting donated goods and other grant and assistance programs.
get listed
donated goods, grants, and assistance

Find lawn care tips and composting instructions to help groundskeepers reduce organic waste, and add fewer chemicals to the environment.
composting in nyc
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