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Info for K-12 Schools


Recycling Info
Every building in NYC is required by law to recycle, including all schools, public and private.
school recycling information
organics collection
training videos
request a recycling specialist walk-through

Disposal Guidelines
Requirements about how to handle certain materials and what can't go in the trash.
disposal guidelines for public schools
disposal guidelines for private schools

Promo Materials for Schools
Free materials to set up your school recycling program, and to educate students, teachers, and parents.
school materials request form
nyc k-12 school RRResource guide
coloring and comic books

Other Resources for Schools
Speakers, tours, and links to other organizations and websites with resources for teachers and kids.
helpful links for teachers and kids
how to request a speaker
field trips and tours

Golden Apple Awards
Show us your school's recycling program, waste reduction efforts, cleanups, and composting. Best projects win cash prizes!
golden apple awards school contests

Waste Prevention at School
Practical ways to incorporate waste prevention in everyday decisions and long-term planning.
waste less at school

Compost in your classroom with a worm bin, or compost lunchroom and yard waste outdoors.
composting programs for nyc schools

Get Stuff
Links to organizations that help schools get funding or donations of new and used goods.
get donations

Fun Pages and Student Activities
Comics, videos, quizzes, virtual tours, and activities for students in the areas of recycling, waste prevention, and cleanup & gardening.
fun pages and student activities

Green Purchasing
Purchase products that are reusable, less toxic, energy efficient, and manufactured with recycled material.
environmentally preferable purchasing
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