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Info for Landscapers


Landscaper Waste
Yard waste generated by landscapers cannot be set out for Department of Sanitation collection nor dispersed in or around the curb or street.
landscaper waste

Wood Debris
Sections of Brooklyn and Queens fall within a Federal and New York State quarantine zone for the Asian longhorned beetle. Because of this, wood from trees in these areas must be specially handled.
wood debris

Composting Site Permit Program
Landscapers registered with BWPRR Compost Site Permit Program can dispose of yard waste and buy finished compost at the Fresh Kills Compost Site.
compost site permit program

Sustainable Lawn Care
Lawn care tips and composting instructions to help groundskeepers reduce organic waste, and use less chemicals.
composting benefits for landscapers
composting in your client's yard
composting calendar for institutional grounds managers
leave it on the lawn

NYC Compost Project
The NYC Compost Project holds periodic trainings on composting and natural lawn care methods.
nyc compost project

Helpful Links about Composting
Links to more composting info on other websites.
helpful links about composting

Kitchen and Composting Products and Services
Links to kitchen and composting products and services on other websites.
kitchen and composting products
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