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Agency Battery Recycling

Deciding how to handle batteries for disposal depends on the type of battery in question. Common battery types include:

  • lead-acid batteries (other than  automotive batteries)
  • lead-acid automotive batteries
  • lithium batteries (including ion batteries)
  • wet batteries
  • dry batteries
  • alkaline batteries
  • nickel cadmium (NiCad) batteries
  • nickel metal hydride (NiMH) batteries
  • silver-zinc batteries

Alkaline batteries may be thrown out with the regular trash, however, they are also accepted under the agency safe handling contract. Recycling alkaline batteries is environmentally preferable to landfill disposal due to certain materials of concern.

Rechargeable batteries are prohibited from being thrown out in the regular trash, and agencies have a number of options for handling them, including a battery industry recycling program and a contract for city agencies. For details on these programs, visit agency rechargeable battery disposal.

Finally, lead-acid automotive batteries are also banned from the regular trash, and are covered by a special automotive battery recycling program. For instructions on how to handle auto batteries, see automotive battery tips.

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