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Other Specially Handled Items


The following items should be handled carefully before placing in the trash.

Broken Glass or Fragile Items  cfl bulb - click for alternative disposal options broken glass and saucers

Broken glass and other fragile items, including light bulbs, should be double bagged to prevent injury to Sanitation workers before discarding in the trash.


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Cooking Oil & Grease

According to the NYC Department of Environmental Protection leaving NYCWasteLess, cooking oil and grease can clog sewer lines causing sewage back-ups and flooding. Small quantities of cooking oil can be placed in lidded containers or wiped up with towels prior to discarding as trash. In order to avoid spills and leaks onto city streets, large quantities of residential cooking oil should be frozen prior to setting out as regular trash. Alternatively, there are private haulers who service oil from restaurants and cafeterias who may be able to accept residential oil depending on the quantity of material.

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Large Glass Items   large glass items 

Bulk items containing large quantities of glass, such as windows or mirrors, should be taped to prevent injury to Sanitation workers, before discarding as bulk refuse on any regular trash collection day. 



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Use kitty litter, newspaper, or other absorbent material to soak up liquid waste to keep it from leaking, then dispose of as trash.

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Sharp Objects (other than medical sharps)

Knives or similar sharp metal objects should be wrapped in cardboard (such as a piece of cereal box) and secured with tape. Label the package "CAUTION: SHARP" and place with other designated metal, glass, plastic, and carton recyclables. Items such as razors, including disposable razors, should be discarded as trash.

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six pack ringsSix-Pack Rings

Cut rings before discarding as trash to prevent injury to birds and aquatic animals.

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