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Highly Corrosive and Flammable Liquids


Any liquid that is corrosive or flammable is considered hazardous waste, according to state and federal hazardous waste management regulations. When purchasing these products, buy only as much as you need, and use it up.

Highly corrosive liquids (e.g., hydrofluoric/sulfuric/muriatic acids, etc.) or highly flammable liquids (e.g., gasoline) should never be disposed of in the municipal waste stream. For disposal, contact an appropriate private hazardous/chemical waste company.

Less corrosive or flammable household liquids are still classified as hazardous waste, but small and residual amounts may be thrown out in the regular trash after being dried out. Do not pour them down the drain as these materials can contaminate the water supply and pose an environmental and public health threat. Examples include oil-based paint, antifreeze, lighter fluid, bleach, and nitrate fertilizers.

These items can be disposed of at upcoming NYC Department of Sanitation SAFE disposal events.

For additional tips on handling harmful products, visit harmful household products usage and disposal tips. Also, see specific disposal recommendations for oil-based paintantifreeze, and motor oil.

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