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back to private carter guidelinesPrivate Carter Billing Guidelines

Private carter contracts with NYC customers must estimate the volume or weight of designated recyclable materials to be collected and transported.

If designated materials are to be commingled with non-designated recyclables (see what to recycle for info on what can be legally commingled), contracts must provide for the recycling, reuse, or sale for reuse of all commingled materials.  Such contracts must also:

  • state the total combined volume or weight of designated and non-designated commingled material to be collected and transported.
  • identify by type each non-designated material to be collected and transported.

maximum rates


Private Carter bills can be based on actual cubic yardage (each bill varies, depending on the volume of waste collected during the billing period), weight (a weekly figure determined by a waste audit —see below), or a flat fee (each bill is for the same amount of waste generated during a survey period). Private carter bills, statements, or invoices provided to customers must include one of the following:

  • an itemized list of charges detailing the cost per cubic yard (or per 100 pounds) and the volume or weight of designated recyclable materials collected and tranported.
  • the cost per cubic yard (or per 100 pounds) and the volume or weight of designated recyclable materials and non-designated materials collected and transported.

Maximum Rates

The maximum rates leaving NYCWasteLess  that carters are permitted to charge are based either on volume or by weight. These rates do not apply to the removal of construction and demolition debris, infectious medical waste, certain electronic equipment, waste from grease interceptorsleaving NYCWasteLess and paper that is collected for the purpose of shredding or destruction by the licensee.


There are more than 200 private carters leaving NYCWasteLess  that can collect waste. According to a survey conducted by the Business Integrity Commission, more than half of the customers who received four or more price quotes were able to cut their carting bills by half or more.

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