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City Agency Disposal Bans


All agencies are required to recycle, and can't place recyclables in the trash.

In addition, the trash made by agencies and schools is all considered by law commercial waste. Although the Department of Sanitation may pick up the trash, these entities must follow the same state and federal disposal guidelines that apply to other commercial entities. Electronic items, fluorescent bulbs, rechargeable batteries, and other universal, medical, and hazardous waste require special handling and disposal by law. See the list below to find out how to comply with regulations.

Electronics - Unless donated or resold for reuse, all agencies and institutions must recycle electronics. Visit electronics recycling info for City agencies and schools for information about how to dispose of used computer equipment.

Fluorescent bulbs - As universal waste, fluorescent bulbs are banned from the trash. Agencies and institutions must set up a program to collect and recycle these mercury-containing items. Visit fluorescent bulb info for City agencies and schools for more information about how to dispose of fluorescent bulbs.

Rechargeable batteries and phones - All City agencies and institutions are required to recycle rechargeable batteries and cell phones. Visit rechargeable battery and cell phone recycling info for agencies for information about how to set up your agency or school for recycling these items.

All other harmful products - For any other harmful product (such as gas tanks, medical waste, mercury containing products, etc), an agency or institution must follow commercial guidelines and set up a Contract to dispose of or recycle the item.

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