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Study Results: What's in New York City's Waste?

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UPDATE: NYC is currently undertaking a new residential waste characterization study. The results and analysis below reflect the waste landscape in 2004-05.

Here are the results of the New York City 2004-05 Residential and Street Basket Waste Characterization Study, offering a comprehensive look at the composition and generation rates of New York City residential and street basket waste.

pie charts
results highlights
final nyc wcs report

NOTE: The report files are PDF (Portable Document Format) documents; you’ll need the free Adobe Acrobat Reader leaving NYCWasteLess to display and print them.

what is the WCS?
waste categories
waste streams
what the study covered

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Pie Charts Summarizing NYC's Waste Streams

See pie charts showing what's in the five waste streams analyzed in the 2004-05 NYC Residential and Street Basket Waste Characterization Study.

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Results Highlights:
2004-05 NYC Residential and Street Basket Waste Characterization Study

DSNY wrote this overview of major highlights of the study, plus a guide to using the voluminous pages of data presented in the Final 2004-05 NYC Residential and Street Basket Waste Characterization Study Report.

2004-05 NYC WCS Results Highlights
Director's Note
Table of Contents
Executive Summary
Overall Residential Waste (Refuse + Recycling)
Residential Metal, Glass, Plastic, and Beverage Carton (MGP) Recycling
Residential Paper Recycling
Residential Refuse
Street Basket Waste
The Effect of Housing Density and Income on Residential Waste
Multi-Unit Housing: Structural Building Factors and Recycling Success
Residential Waste: 1989/1990 Compared to 2004/2005
Comparison to the EPA’s National Municipal Waste Characterization Study
NYC’s Residential Waste Compared to Seattle’s Residential Waste

Focus Issues
Focus on Residential Plastics
Focus on Residential Yard Trimmings
Focus on Residential Appliance and Electronics Waste
Focus on Residential Textile Waste
Focus on Residential Drink Container Waste
Focus on Durables
Guide to the Tables

organics in nyc's waste

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Final Report:
2004-05 NYC Residential and Street Basket Waste Characterization Study

A four volume report issued by RW Beck detailing the seasonal and annualized presented in the Final 2004-05 NYC Residential and Street Basket Waste Characterization Study Results, as follows:

VOLUME 1: Preliminary Residential Waste Characterization Study and Residential and Street Basket Waste Characterization Study Results
Cover Page
Table of Contents
Study Overview
Detailed Results
Residential Historical Comparisons
Results and Comparisons by Borough
Street Basket Results
Bulk and Durable Results
Moisture and Particulate Testing Results
Statistical Results
Comparison with Other Jurisdictions

VOLUME 2: Methodology
Cover Page
Table of Contents
Planning for the Residential PWCS and WCS
Planning for the Street Basket WCS
Implementation of the Studies

VOLUME 3: Multi-Unit Apartment Study
Multi-Unit Apartment Study

VOLUME 4: Appendices
Cover Page
Table of Contents
Appendix A: Field Procedures Manual
Appendix B: WCS Structure
Appendix C: Operations Plans
Appendix D: Health and Safety Plans
Appendix E: Staffing Lists
Appendix F: Photographs (extracts)
Appendix G: Demographic Data
Appendix H: Sample Data
Appendix I: Additional Composition Data
Appendix J: Generation Rate Data
Appendix K: Capture Rate Data
Appendix L: Waste without Bulk
Appendix M: Statistical Validity
Appendix N: Bulk Metal in the MGP Stream
Appendix O: Bibliography

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