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NYC - recycle more, waste less New York City Recycles NYC Department of Sanitation


Recycling Info
recycling requirements
what happens to recyclables
recycling and nyc's carbon footprint
nyc recycling laws
recycling statistics

Reuse Info
reuse tips and resources
nyc stuff exchange
nyc wastematch

Promotional Materials
Decals and literature to promote NYC recycling, composting, and waste prevention.
promotional materials

Resources for Research
what's in nyc's waste
pie charts of nyc's waste
organics in nyc's residential waste

All About Plastics
about recycling plastics in nyc
about recycling plastics
about plastics

Composting Info
Composting programs, how to compost, and other composting resources.
composting in nyc

Fun Pages and Student Activities
Comics, games, videos, quizzes, virtual tours, and activities for students.
fun pages and student activities

Products and Services
Listings for recyclers and vendors offering waste preventing products and services.
alternative products and services

Get Listed
Find out how to get listed on the NYC WasteLess and NYC Stuff Exchange websites and events calendars.
get listed on nyc wasteless

Helpful Links
Links to more resources and related information on other websites.
helpful links

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about recycling, waste prevention, and composting in NYC.
frequently asked questions (FAQs)
i'm a...
request forms
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