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NYC - recycle more, waste less New York City Recycles NYC Department of Sanitation
Recycling by the Numbers:
NYC Department of Sanitation
Refuse and Recycling Statistics

407M   7.7K   660K   89K   588
lbs of recyclables collected
this year
  lbs of organics collected
this year
  lbs of clothing collected by
re-fashioNYC this year
  lbs of electronics collected by
this year
  Golden Apple Awards submissions
since 2001

*see details

Annual, Monthly, and Quarterly Reports 

Reports providing information on recycling and refuse tonnages for New York City.

Definition of Diversion and Capture Rates

What these terms mean and how they relate to the goals set in Local Law 40 of 2010.

How DSNY Refuse and Recycling Statistics are Compiled

How the information presented relates to DSNY operations.

What the Statistics Can’t and Don’t Show

Limitations to the statistics DSNY can provide.

Recycling Composition Calculator 

Find out how DSNY recycling collections break down into paper, metal, plastic and glass components.

Numbers Explained


Recyclables (total)

Recyclables (metal, glass, plastic & cartons)

Recyclables (paper & cardboard)

January, 2014

87M lbs

38M lbs

49M lbs

February, 2014

71M lbs

31M lbs

40M lbs

March, 2014

85M lbs

37M lbs

48M lbs

April, 2014 73M lbs 31M lbs 42M lbs
May, 2014 90M lbs 39M lbs 52M lbs

Total, 2014

407M lbs

177M lbs

230M lbs

Textiles: re-fashioNYC Electronics: e-cycleNYC
January, 2014 144K lbs 12K lbs
February, 2014 105K lbs 15K lbs
March, 2014 119K lbs 13K lbs
April, 2014 137K lbs 20K lbs
May, 2014 157K lbs 30K lbs
Total, 2014 662K lbs 89K lbs

Organics (total) Organics (drop-off) Organics (curbside)
January, 2014 3.6M lbs 117K lbs 3.5M lbs
February, 2014 605K lbs 130K lbs 475K lbs
March, 2014 1M lbs 135K lbs 865K lbs
April, 2014 943K lbs 279K lbs 664K lbs
May, 2014 1.5M lbs 177K lbs 1.3M lbs
Total, 2014 6.4M lbs 837K lbs 6.8M lbs

Mayor’s Management Report leaving NYCWasteLess
Citywide Performance Reports leaving NYCWasteLess
NYC Neighborhood Recycling Statistics
Golden Apple Awards

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