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Marketable Materials: What's in NYC's Residential Recycling

This tool allows you to see how NYC's residential recycling breaks down among marketable materials. Estimates are based on a waste characterization study carried out in 2004 and 2005 that examined the composition of residential paper recycling, residential metal/glass/plastic/beverage carton recycling and residential refuse set out for collection.

To use this tool with the Annual or Monthly diversion statistics, enter the tonnage of Paper and/or MGP recycling in the appropriate boxes in the Worksheet below.

After completing the Worksheet, click on "Measure my impact!" to see the Results for the materials indicated. (Note: If you make subsequent changes to the Worksheet, click on "Measure my impact!" again to recalculate the Results.)




Enter Tons/Pounds/Kilograms Paper


Enter Tons/Pounds/Kilograms MGP


calculate the savings
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corrugated cardboard  
other types of mixed paper  




Metal - Aluminum  
Metal - Other Nonferrous  
Metal - Steel and Tin Cans  
Metal - Ferrous  
HDPE bottles/jugs  
PET bottles/jugs  
beverage cartons  
glass bottles and jars  
residues: non-designated plastics  
other residues  

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