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Municipal Solid Waste Composting Report report cover

January 2004
This report explores the state of municipal solid waste (MSW) composting technology, examines the quality of compost produced from this technology, and presents a theoretical proposal for how such technology can be further tested within New York City.

The files below are PDF (Portable Document Format) documents; you’ll need the free Adobe Acrobat Reader leaving NYCWasteLess to display and print them.Due to the size of the file, this report is divided into the following sections:

Director’s Note/Acknowledgments

Abbreviations and Definitions

Introduction: Goal and Scope of the Project
• MSW Composting: The Basic Concept and a Brief History
• MSW Composting in the Context of New York City
• Report Structure
• Summary of Key Findings
• Conclusions


Chapter 1: The New York City Composting Trials
• Summary
• Research Questions
• New York City Composting Trials

Chapter 2: Compost Quality
• Summary
• Research Questions
• New York State Regulatory Issues
• Quality of New York City MSW Compost
• Quality of Compost from the Surveyed Facilities
• Other Test Parameters
• Biosolids

Chapter 3: Four-Facility Survey
• Summary
• Research Questions
• Facility Surveys
• Analysis of Variance (ANOVA)

Chapter 4: Conclusions
• Summary of Key Findings
• Components of a Successful MSW-Composting Facility


Chapter 5: Learning Objectives and Conceptual Design
• Summary
• Materials Recovery and Composting
• Design Considerations
• Learning Objectives
• Facility Layout and Description of Components

Chapter 6: Projected Recovery Rates
• Summary
• Projected Material-Recovery Rates
• Recovery Rates
• Projected Annual Facility Recovery Rate

Chapter 7: Cost Estimates
• Summary
• Cost Per Ton
• Financial Analysis


Appendix A: Waste Characterization for Composting Pilot Study
Appendix B: Marlborough Facility Scale Receipts
Appendix C: Marlborough Facility Temperature Logs
Appendix D: New York City Institutional/Commercial/Industrial Organic Waste Composting Economic and Technical Viability Final Report
Appendix E: Data on New York City’s Biosolids (2001/2002)
Appendix F: Data from the New York City Composting Trials
Appendix G: Interpretation of Waste and Compost Tests
Appendix H: Data from the Four-Facility Survey
Appendix I: Revised Preliminary Design and Cost Estimate for Material Recovery Facility Front End for Co-Composting Pilot Facility
Appendix J: Life Cycle Financial Analysis for New York City MSW Composting Facility

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