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NYC - recycle more, waste less New York City Recycles NYC Department of Sanitation
Reports and Stats


See recycling in New York City for recycling requirements.

Solid Waste Management
Mayor's Management Report leaving NYCWasteLess 
(search for "Sanitation" to find performance statistics)
Solid Waste Management Plan leaving NYCWasteLess
Solid Waste Management Plan Implementation leaving NYCWasteLess
DSNY Annual Reports leaving NYCWasteLess

NYC Recycling Diversion Rate Information and Statistics
NYC Public Space Recycling Pilot
Recycling: Five Years of Market Research (and 2005 update)
NYC Recycles: More Than a Decade of Outreach Activities
New York City Recycling In Context

Processing and Marketing Recyclables in New York City
Mixed Waste Processing in New York City

Composting Pilot Studies
Local Law 77 of 2013 Organics Collection Pilot Program Report
New York City MSW Composting Report
Composting in New York City
Backyard Composting in New York City
Waste Characterization
2004-05 NYC Waste Characterizaton Study
1989-90 NYC Waste Characterization Study

Waste Prevention
Study of NYC's Materials Exchange and Reuse Sector leaving NYCWasteLess
Waste Prevention Reports (Spring 2000 series)
NYCitySen$e Project (1996-2000)
NYC WasteLess Business Project (1996-2000)

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